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Sage UBS Asset Register

Joining the suite of Sage UBS total business solutions is the UBS Fixed Asset Management Software. This latest software from Sage UBS Corporation Berhad, is able to link and integrate with the best selling Accounting (Version 9.0) software. 

It performs the functions of fixed asset management for an organization namely;

  • Collating the new assets acquired information
  • Maintain the organization assets historical records
  • Compute the depreciation of assets
  • Determine the gain or loss on disposal of assets


Product Overview

There are many reasons to purchase Fixed Asset Management;

  • It is user friendly
  • It improves productivity and efficiency saving cost and time
  • It improves accuracy and eliminate errors
  • It eradicates tedious manual workload
  • Minimal implementation skills needed

The Sage UBS Fixed Asset Management is specifically designed to be flexible,to be able to suit the needs of all companies ranging from the sole proprietor to corporations in Malaysia. Please enquire from the nearest Sage UBS branch in your area for a demonstration of this product. 



Basic Features Include : -     

  • Able to be utilized across numerous companies
  • Various level of security control
  • Different currency rates and payment code maintenance
  • Numerous depreciation methods applicable
  • Flexible assets life and rate computation
  • Effortless to compute assets gain or loss on disposal of assets


  • Assets detail report
  • Assets movement report
  • Assets depreciation report
  • Assets historical report
  • Assets disposal report

System Requirement

  • Pentium 133 MHz or higher
  • 16 MB memory or more 
  • 800 MB or more disk space
  • 1 floppy disk drive 
  • Windows 95/98, Windows NT V3.5 or above 
  • Mouse 
  • Printer 

 * UBS Asset Register is Y2K compliance


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