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About Access UBS Stock Control System

Access UBS Stock Control is a powerful, efficient and accurate system with the ability to maintain an optimal level of inventory. This system can integrate to Access UBS Accounting System, to provide extensive accounting functions and able to integrate to Access UBS Point of Sales System, to control all inventory movements effectively.

The system provides on line maintenance of stock on hand, receipts, issues, sales (processed by means of billing system) and transfer.

A comprehensive series of reports is available to analyse stock movements, to provide a transaction history for audit purposes and for analysis of demand etc. Among the reports available

  • Point of Sales
  • Purchase Order
  • Received Order
  • Creditors
  • Inventory
  • Inquiries
  • Billing
  • Debtors
  • Sales

Course Contents

Lesson 1

  • Setting periods and starting period, if neccessary
  • Create Debtors/Creditors code
  • Create Group/Categories/Item/Location/Miscellaneous Charges code
  • Enter Opening Quantity
  • Enter Transaction – Received, Invoices
  • Post to UBS Accounting – Debtor and Creditor Ledger
  • View and print the following reports – Stock Card, Item Valuation Report, Item Code Listing, Group Sales by item

Lesson 2

  • Invoice with Discount Items
  • Invoice with Transport Charges
  • Invoice with multiple Delivery Order
  • Credit note
  • Debit note
  • Location Transfer
  • Purchase Return
  • Modify/Delete Transaction
  • Adjustment
  • Post to UBS Accounting – Debtor Ledger, Creditor Ledger
  • View and print the following report – Stock Card, Item Valuation Report, Group Sales by item

Lesson 3

  • Create the actual Bills for:- Invoices, Credit Note, Debit Note, Location Transfer, Stock Adjustment
  • Practical Experience of Actual Stock Keeping

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